Friday, 6 December 2019

A Moment in Time

written by @coombstw

Created to a point at the, well, the dawn of time, was, Time.  How we know it now came into the world in 1847 in Greenwich, even though the concept and breaking the day down into blocks happened centuries before.  But now it rules our life in everything we do and I am glad we have time. Not because I hate being late and wouldn’t know this without time, but what would I put on my wrist and spend so much money on.

Perk up with Joe

written by @coombstw

The black liquid of the gods, slowly being made across areas of the world, keeping the western world going throughout the day. The feeling of wonder and joy it brings, that euphoric feeling of amazement. Of course I can only be writing about one thing, coffee.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Up and Away, The Aeronauts

written by @coombstw

My home town has the best cinema, it is a blast from the past, with small tickets that you got in the 50’s to art deco through out.  It is amazing and cheap. With all this in mind I try and go to everything I can if the film is one I even slightly may want to see it.  And this took me to see Amazon original film The Aeronauts.

Just Not Cinema

written by @coombstw

“They are just not Cinema”. You may have heard this comment recently from one of our all time great film makers, Mr Martin Scorsese, the creator of some of the best gangster and thriller films in his generation, or this one really as he continues to do great things.  There are lots of things that are not Cinema, overpriced popcorn, noisy food, rustling packets and cheese. But did the recipient of this comment deserve it?