Thursday, 9 January 2014

Getting All Political

I forgot to take my kindle to work with me today, which left me quite stuck when it came to my lunch break. Instead of carrying on with the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse that is World War Z, I found myself at a path of eating and starring into nothingness. So to save me looking like my brain had literally shut down I opening up the internet and went to check out what is going on in the world courtesy of the BBC news website. Here I read a story that for once wasn’t a bad thing, well not for me anyway, or for all the poor people who have suffered in Brazil due to flooding or the few people in the UK that went paddling in a storm (that comment may bring on some hate). The story in question was one about prison sentences, where life will mean life.

Now in my eyes not being a criminal, well all out criminal, I have during my more youthful days had a piss in the street on the way home from the pub and also downloaded a few music tracks illegally (I’m reformed now so no trying to take me to court). But due to not being a hardened criminal if you do the crime then serve the time, so if you take a life, accidents don’t count but if you planned it then you stay locked up for the rest of yours. Of course we have a problem with this great idea, the bloody European court of Human Rights. You know the one, it is a place where we, being the UK, make a law, then the European court of busy bodies come along and find something to say it doesn’t count, it is like big boys scrabble “Life means Life isn’t a word sorry”. So we are moving towards doing as the good Americans do, we can’t give you life due to human rights, so for the murder or some other extremely heinous crime we give you two hundred years, or a thousand in some cases. Then we get to review it every one hundred years and if you are still alive we may let you out, but probably not. It may finally be the deterrent this country needs to stop gang violence. If you kill that kid from that other gang over the road then you won’t be out in a few years for good behaviour, more buff because you just use the gym all day, nor will you look good in front of your idiot friends, you will never get out of prison, your life as you know it will be over, so maybe before you make that decision you should think “do I really want to spend the rest of my life in a prison with no freedoms?” I think the answer to this would be NO.

It is for once something I agree with from David Cameron, he backs it all the way, plus we are basically giving the finger to the ECOHR (the busy bodies) and telling them, that we are a country with rules and laws and we will do what we want with them. Well done UK, bravo.

Before I start taking the rest of the world on, I better get back to some Zombie stories.