Monday, 13 January 2014

Movie Catch Up

I thought it was about time I started actually watching the films that have been sitting and festering in my Netflix watch list for basically ever, and when I say ever I mean when I started my account last year.
After a very heavy night Saturday night it was the perfect opportunity to get my viewing on and to start this time of catch up was the western ‘3:10 to Yuma’.  Now I grew up with westerns, mostly of Clint Eastwood mumbling and shooting people for at the time I thought no reason.  So I was ready for some Western magic like the old days, and to be honest it kind of was.  It wasn’t so hero like, but had that darkness with the anti hero, not good, not bad, but not ugly.  What this was a large budget western with some pretend emotion that didn’t come through, so the ending made no sense.

Following this I watch ‘A Bronx Tale’, a fantastic film that I have seen before with Robert De Niro, if you haven’t seen it then go and find it somewhere.  It is about a kid growing up in the Bronx during the sixties, with the Italian mafia and the rift between the Italians and the Blacks.  A great film, some dodgy acting from the leading kid but if you are a fan of mafia style films then a definite one for you to watch.

I finished this marathon of films with an animated number, ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’.  Pixar this is not and extremely weird, but is a weird idea.  There were a few laughs but they were few and far between (first time I ever used that saying) and the characters were very odd.  This is more of a kids film unlike a lot of animated films, but was still fun to watch.

It is always nice to spend time just chilling out enjoying films that needing to pick it totally apart for a review, but as you can see I still slightly review them.