Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Lazy Conundrum, Fatter or Fitter?

exercise1Okay so just under a week from my last birthday and I have decided I really need to start looking after ones self, not in a creepy sex way, in a, I need to be healthier and fitter way.

I am not suddenly going to be living off grass juice or anything like that but the years of lack of exercise has given me the ‘I have reached and surpassed thirty tum’. I am not fat but I am certainly over weight. I have, as of November last year changed my diet dramatically, with cutting out take away food and any fried foods or overly starchy foods. I do still treat myself every now and again but I was on at least one take out a week. But my main problem is exercise; the main reason for this is my dislike of gyms. I could quite happily have a home gym but as I don’t have a home of my own I can’t quite take over a space for gym equipment, but I would spend quite some time in there. I like running machines and rowing machines but I do not want to be in the same room as a load of other people, most of whom, I have found in the past, much fitter than me and extreme lovers of the gym. The dreaded gym bunny who thinks these places are like churches. I do not think badly of these people or people who do more than they need to just to be fitter and healthier, it is just not for me.

So my answer is the daily seven minute work out on my phone, oh yes, I am a lover of technology unless it doesn’t work well, so the next step was obviously to have an app. When the weather isn’t freezing and raining, which is less and less these days, I will head out of the house and take to the roads for a bit using Zombie Run! But as the rain is pouring I need to stay inside. I am going to try out this 7 minute exercise app and I will report back if it works.

Now the other thing is people keep telling me to take up yoga? I have heard of it and have been told by some random French man that it is the way to go, but I am a bit dubious as I am not very flexible and I always think you need to bend into odd positions. So do I break through this barrier of being worried of getting stuck in some odd yoga position and does it really help you lose weight and tone up? So many choices and no idea what to do.

I do need to start getting fitter, and more healthy, the easiest way would be to stop smoking and then exercise but smoking is not going away just yet. I know, I know, it is a terrible habit, makes you stink to high heaven and is slowly killing me, but I do so there, there is no need to lecture me I already know the problems with it. I don’t complain because you don’t smoke.

So with this new thought into getting healthy and fitter I have the last obstacle to get over, round, under, just pick one, the fact is, I am very lazy.