Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Boredom, the Problem of Many

pg44-boredom-gettyBoredom is something I have touched on in the past but as I changed my blog and decided to discard all my old words I can happily touch on it once again without people going “Oh, not all this rubbish gain”.

Boredom is the curse of the day job, the mundane tap tap tap of keystrokes and the constant watching the clock, counting the minutes until one, when you can have lunch and switch off. It is a curse of the intellectual mind as it doesn’t like to be bored it loves to be entertained with words and pictures that make it think. It is the curse of the world, as money is needed by everyone, but a very small percentage of people have a day job they truly love, but they need the money.

I don’t love my day job, I love my job when not at the 9 to 5, but I do like my day job, even when the mundane of it all gets too much something happens that entertains me enough to carry on. But when I am quiet at the boredom slowly creeps in. Like NOW!

I am at work, well I was when I wrote this blog, this is what happens when the work dries up for a period of time. I either right a blog about something, and as you may have realised it is either film related or life related, and occasionally writing related, or I spend money. Money spending is a delightful past time, apparently woman use it for many things not just to get over boredom, but my wallet does hate it when I am starting to feel bored. Now being male the only shopping is internet shopping (minds out of gutter please) and because I work on a computer it is so easy to pop onto Amazon or some other site and get filling the basket up with goods you don’t really need but sound like a good idea at the time in your head. Recently I have decided within a moment of boredom I want a new razor, not just any type of razor a posh one, along with some real shaving foam and a badger brush. Now this may seem odd, but I like old fashioned things like this, not these throw away types or overly futuristic blades of glory. I do like new blades but not the rest. Shaving should be a pleasure not a chore.

Now back to boredom, I am bored, only at this point in time; usually I am quite happy with no boredom at all. I am happy now but as the clock slowly ticks by, my brain starts to melt all thought then becomes a hardship, I start wondering if I should make some tea to pass the time (which in my office will result in seven to eight cups) or maybe start planning new articles and reviews for the Genius Babble website. I could write some of my debut novella but I can’t do this at work it just doesn’t happen there are too many distractions, even when not directed at me, to write made up stuff I need complete silence.

So as the clock moves slower than a hung over sloth I have to decide how to keep my mind awake, so I rely on the old faithful (not the geezer) the trusty podcast. I have a small selection of favourites that I listen too, from film related to writing related, so all my favourite things. So as I move slowly to make tea then listen to some podcasts, I have one question for you all, if you were truly bored and the clock has stopped like an old lady in Tesco, right in front of you with no warning, do you A) smash her out the way and carry on with no boredom? B) Stop and wait until something comes along, like a robot going into sleep mode? Or C) Just wait and check your phone until someone notices you are stuck behind her doing nothing work related?