Sunday, 23 February 2014

Getting Too Old for This Shit

In the great and memorable words of Sergeant Murtaugh played by the fantastic Danny Glover in the lethal weapon series of films, “I’m getting too old for this shit!”.

It is the morning after my friends thirtieth birthday, and even though I am not as bad as I thought I would be (taking into account am able to write) even though I think the pain killers are helping me function.

It was obviously a night of drinking and music, turns out it was more drinking than music and after much drink down at the local watering hole we did a thing that is always a bad idea.  We went to someone's house, his parents house to be precise and after much rum and some horrible sugar based shots I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone on the red wine.  This would be quite normal but it was already three in the morning.  My one rule after the invite to the after party, as it were, was I don’t want to be leaving a five in the morning like last time, and we didn’t, we left at five to five, bugger.

Now one night every now and again is okay to go mental even though you know you will regret it the morning after, this week wasn’t one night it was two.  Another friend came down from London on Friday to have a pre celebration for the said birthday boy as he couldn’t make the party.  Now this night consisted of a lot of rum, then rather than go home, I stayed at the pub for a late private drink where I thought once again having some red wine was a good idea.  I was wrong, once I did get home at near two in the morning everything was spinning.

Now I am happy for people to call me a ‘light weight’ or a ‘big girls blouse’ but I have decided that I can’t do it anymore.  Not because my body won’t take it but because I hate feeling like utter rubbish when I get home after the night out.  I smell of alcohol for at least forty eight hours after the celebrations and my brain is working because of drug companies giving me a way to hide the fact my body is hurting from head to toe.

But like sergeant Murtaugh I’m sure there will be a few more sequels to the story, and every time I will say and think the same thing “I’m getting too old for this shit!”.