Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Favourite Six – Podcasts that is

podcast-logo-bcI have never written about what I listen too unless I am reviewing an album for Genius Babble, so I thought why not write about other things I listen too. My biggest and quite new thing is podcasts.

Over the last six or seven years I have moved from one podcast to another, never quite finding something I really like listening too for long periods of time. Then in 2013 I finally settled on six podcasts that I am happy to share my time with.
So here is my Top Six podcasts.

At Number Six is......okay I’ll leave the dramatics, but really in my number six position is one for writers of stories, whether amateur or a weathered professional moving into a new place. Writing Excuses comes from one of my favourite authors Brendan Sanderson, and has one won an award. It is an American podcast the only one that is in my list and the reason for this is I’m very English and even though we speak the same language we are very different nations from humour to slang. Anyway, as I was saying, this is a weekly fifteen minute chat between Brendan and his friends and the occasional special guest. It involves them talking about writing, from character building to how to write AI and beyond. These guys and gal, are all fantasy writers in some way, this includes sci-fi etc. Their information could help anyone who wants to write. I don’t use their information to write, I listen to this as I find it interesting to see how other writers think. They talk about ways to write not just how to write and link many things to nerd style films which is what I do sometimes when talking about writing.

So on to number five in the epic countdown of my iPod. In this position is the Picturehouse Podcast where you get to hear Sam and Simon talk film. Now as the name of the podcast tells you this is based around Picturehouse cinemas, so they have a top five films playing at their cinemas. But I do not have a local Picturehouse cinema which is a shame because they are nice places but I don’t but I still listen to this as gives you a look at films from different prospective. It is like the film podcast for the middle class as the gents on the podcast are quite posh, which makes it even more entertaining. It is not all chat, well it is but they do have interviews and go to festivals etc. It is a great podcast for film lovers and cinema goers.

That brings us to number four, where I go all science geek with the The Podcast which is exactly what the title suggests. The podcast is chaired by the editor of Wired along with two of the journalists for the website and the magazine. They talk tech, science, medicine and everything in between and it is truly fascinating. Now I don’t read Wired magazine, I have two magazines in my life and that is enough, but if I can get my information from an approximately half hour chat every week then I will. They do have interviews with various people as well as specials at tech conventions in Japan and across the globe. If you like knowledge then this is a podcast for you, as they everything they talk about you really won’t know when you start it. They review new tech, even though they are very apple orientated they do go into android devices and other gear so this isn’t just for apple sheep, sorry, users.

Getting closer to my favourite cast of the world of pod with my number three favourite, The Explosive Alan Podcast. This comes from the company Explosive Alan that live in the world of computer games, from x-box to PC and everything else game related. What adds this in my favourites list is firstly the production. All the guys on the podcast are makers of videos and sounds and they create jingles for every episode and some a are very funny. If you haven’t listened to this podcast before then please try it and download the Christmas nativity where they are drinking from start to finish. Anyway back to the cast. It is about computer games, so if you don’t like games or play them in anyway then this won’t be for you. I am not a super gamer, nor do I own a next gen Xbox for PS4 but I am a 3DS and PC game player, just not every day, still I like to listen to this podcast. It is funny and very entertaining; probably more for men than woman and this is why it is my number three. I should really review and star this one on iTunes, saying that I should do this for all of the casts on the list, maybe next week.

It is nearly time for the top podcast, but first is my number two favourite, the superb Empire Podcast brought to you by one of my two magazine subscriptions Empire. Fronted by Chris Hewitt, if you don’t know the name then you may have seen him on the BBC morning news or Film 2014 as he is the BBC’s go to guy for film. He is joined by a team of people from the Empire office including Helen O’Hara so woman will enjoy this podcast too, well if you are slightly nerdy and love films. It is for film lovers, even more so that the Picturehouse podcast, as this goes more in depth on films, from news and reviews to interviews from some of the biggest directors and actor who many come into the pod booth to discuss everything. It is a name droppers heaven for the journalists of Empire but still they really know their stuff and entertain me every week in the roughly hour long cast of film goodness. They also include spoiler specials for many of the big films that hit our cinemas which is great as they see things you may have missed. Well worth subscribing to this podcast on iTunes.

Well we made it, through Six to Two, which means there is only one more to go, drum roll please!

At Number One, my most favourite podcast is Videogamer UK, I know seems a bit of a sad ending, but stay with me. It is as you may realise if all about video games and once again like my last game podcast if you don’t care about or play any type of computer game then don’t bother. But this is about me, so I don’t care that you may not like games. I am not a sad never leave the house gamer, but this is about entertainment and the group of guys of the podcast keep me massively entertained. They are gamer journalists and work on the Videogamer UK website, so if you find yourself liking their game chatter then check the website out but if you are like me and enjoy listening to a lot of your information then this is for you. Funny, knowledgeable and full of information on games I play and like, with Nintendo lovers within the group.

Well that is it, I suggest you check these podcasts out if they are within your realm of interests as they are top podcasts and would fit nicely on your iPod.