Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Now Tell Me, Who Are You?

pa5X7gHFor too long this women’s name keep popping up on my radar. I read quite a bit of media, from papers, to online news, mainly the Huffington Post and Sky News and once again today this woman's name has propped up.

The name of this woman is Katie Hopkins, some jumped up posh woman who seems to hate everyone and everything and not care about what words come out of her over pouted mouth. She has called Lilly Allen fat after she had just had her second child and has abused Holly Willoughby’s child names on ITV’s This Morning. But my question is, who is this horrible accuse for a human being?

I did a little research and went to Wikipedia because I am not going to get my information of her own website which shows her to be a brilliant business woman. What business does she run? She runs a business called Katie Hopkins Limited which as far as I can make out manages and consults herself. She is by all accounts a nobody, she was on The Apprentice apparently and after quitting the show she went on to work at the MET office, which less than a year later she got fired from, then went on to be on terrible TV. I’m a Celebrity snapped her up, obviously, and from there she just kept turning up on daytime TV and doing spots on radio. She now writes for The Sun. So out of all this list of things I can see a pattern, she will work anywhere for whatever terrible bit of media will take her. Even Katie Price has started having a dig at her.

For anyone who like me doesn’t watch tabloid television and reads only real papers with real news in them, then you may find yourself still confused who this soon to be thirty nine year old women is. And I was shocked she was born in 1975, she must have had a hard life. Not much is known about her from before appearing on television, I bet she has some skeletons in her closet, which will eventually show themselves when her fifteen minutes is up. I just wish it was now as I hate seeing photos of this women and her name appearing in articles about society. She has no idea on society, to think about or society you have to be truly part of it, which involves having manners and not talking rubbish all the time. I just feel sorry for her children, to have a mother who is obviously and bigoted media whore, who will say anything to upset people. Oh and she is now banned from This Morning.
So now you know who she is and so do I. So now I can forget she even exists and get on with my life as it was just fine without knowing, and I hope I never see her soggy tea bag face again (Katie Price’s words not mine).