Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Rather It Would Be Raining

I find myself as is the norm stuck in the day job looking out of my large window wishing I was rather outside than being here in the greyness of the office. I always think this when it is sunny and I'm not rushed off my feet. If it is raining and grey out I feel much better when at work, the opposite of when I am home.

But then what would I do if the sun was shining and I was not at work on a Wednesday, well I can tell you I probably wouldn't go outside, I would be playing computer games or writing, whether it be a EP review for one of my many outlets for my writing or on one of the other projects. I would also be emailing people for my part in this years Faversham Hop Festival, so even thouh the weather makes me want to not be at the day job I would still end up doing some kind work. It is quite sad. But did go to the Zoo last Saturday so saw some of the outside world.

Another bit of random thought by me, I will try and write something a little bit more meaning full, maybe part of the project I'm working on. Would be part of the first draft but worth posting maybe so see if anyone gives some feed back. Anyway better stop now, I have some sunshine to look at longinly at out of the bloody window.