Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Trolling Knobs - A disgrace to Humanity

If like me you listen to the Weird.co.uk then you will know of the story of the guys and girls who are working on the Oculus Rift are getting death threats because they sold the company to the dreaded Facebook for $2million.  Now I say the dreaded Facebook because I hate Facebook like many people do and also like those many people I am still on it and still use it, just not the extreme that some people do.

But just because one company took over another why would you get that angry about it that you would start sending death threats, it is insane.  The threats were also not just against the individuals but also towards the families.  What idiots that these people must be.
Now the main reason is the device was being created for games, and now they think it will just be a device for Facebook.  Who cares, it won’t change your life that much.  These sad lonely young men and women who don’t leave their bedrooms because all they do is play computer games don’t have a right to abuse anyone.  If you want to shout abuse at someone, then do it front of these people on your own, instead of emails from random addresses and on Twitter or you know what just get life!
Now am I not having a go at gamers, I for one like a computer game but I will put it down after an hour because I have other things to do.  And pro gamers have a reason to do it, but if gaming means you don’t have a job and you are getting fatter by the day then you have a problem.
Trolling has become a huge thing; it has been around since the dawn of time, well kind of.  The slanderous messages in toilet cubicles about someone, then on chat rooms, where you didn’t have to give a real name and could abuse someone.  But now it is extreme because of technology, Twitter, email, FB and all the other platforms that can be open to abuse.  If someone abused twitter, then just block them, it is pretty simple, same on here, if they comment on something badly then I’ll delete it.  So just delete it, even though the publicity of getting trolled can work well for a company.
So to finish off, all Trolls are except the ones that live under bridges and in caves, are just knobs, and I bet if you actually see what these people look like, they are closer to cave trolls than you think.
I am spent.
twc x