Sunday, 1 June 2014

Walking in the Wild

Enjoying my Sunday evening with Doctor Who series seven and a cup of tea, I thought it was better time than any other to write a blog of some kind.  For anyone who stumbles upon my site will see that I don't write enough blogs, I have written about being a useless blogger before.

I have been so busy recently, which is good in some ways but bad in others. I now do reviews for a music site called GIGgle Pics, go and find them at and see my writing on there. I have also shut the reviews part of Genius Babble the media company I run, now Genius Babble Music is the main part of the company and spend a lot of time booking bands for a venue and the well known Faversham Hop Festival.  Due to all this booking and the two reviews a week I have been doing I have been neglecting my story writing.

Writing is what I love so really need to spend more time doing it, even though the reviews keep me writing all the time it isn't fiction.  Anyway, I still am planning on getting my debut book out by Christmas.

So the reason for the blog title. I have been to the Zoo, twice in a couple of months, I got myself and my other half a gold pass for Howletts and Port Lyme zoo's in Kent.  They are great places to go especially when the sun in shining.  Now I do love the fact that zoos work on rebuilding populations of animals but there is also a dark side to zoo's that I can't stop thinking about.

These wild animals some small some very large are still in cages, and I can't help but feel sorry for them.  A small type of cat that was the size of a house cat was in a cage smaller than even a house, is that really fair? No, is it nice to see Elephants, yes it is but if I had to go Africa to see them then I would because in the wild Elephants travel miles and miles, in the zoo, even with quite a bit of space they don't half even one mile to move around. Tigers, Lions and Gorillas all in cages that even though large are just not large enough.  Zoos were created so rich people could point and stare at these wild animals from around the world from their own country and safely with the animal behind bars.  I admit that unlike one hundred years ago the animals are looked after like kings, in this country anyway, it still feels like some zoos are all about the attraction than breeding and getting more back into the wild.

But I also would love people to go to the zoo so more money can be spent on the facilities for the animals, I have been to many zoos and some are better than others, but in the end they are all business even if classed as a charity.

I wish all these animals were in there own habitat, but it is sad to say that many of them are actually safer going a little mad behind bars in the Kent country side than they would be in the wild.