Sunday, 29 June 2014

What's Been Going On

Like normal I am one of the worst people for keeping a blog up to date, this is a personal blog so not really the end of the world.  I thought it was about time I wrote something and what better to just give you an update of what is going in the world of me, an aspiring writer and local music business guy.
My entertainment blog Genius Babble is now closed and is now just a booking agency so have cut some work out of my schedule which was getting so bad I was working at all hours of the day.  This has mostly just given me more time to write reviews over at, a great local music site that has interviews and reviews of live shows and albums, EP's and just single tracks. 

This brings me to last weekend, the great team at GIGglepics put on GIGleFest, the first of what I hope will become a yearly event.  Sixteen bands over twelve hours, with a mixture of acts of different genres it really was a music lovers delight.  All the acts were from the local community of Kent and really showed everyone and me for one the amazing talent of the musicians of Kent.  Not every band was my type of music and one band who were within my scope were pretty band, the instrument playing was 'good' but the vocals were 'poor' and the lead singer seemed to think he was far more important than he actually is.  Going to this amazing event was really great but did have some lasting effects, involving my ears.

I have always heard about damage to hearing from prolonged exposure from loud noise, or noise in general, but never really thought about it.  I have been clubbing in the past and to gigs and you get that buzzing in your ears once you are away from the speakers and you are slightly deaf.  Apparently after years of going to live music events and my new role reviewing music constantly this event has damaged my hearing enough that I now need to use ear defenders when at a live music event.  So now I can enjoy music without totally destroying my ears I still need to take breaks when at a long event, so Hop Festival could be odd this year in my muffed world or ear plugs.
Lots of events on my calendar this month, last night was my first viewing of Musical 'Cats' and the dancers were amazing but what a pile of shit the actual musical is.  What is all the fuss about Mr Webber, the music was basically the same song done at different tempos and words, but the music was the same through out the supposed twenty-six songs.  I hate to say I hated it, because the performers were great but they were performing a really bad musical with no real story line or any good songs.  So that was three hours of confusion and boredom.  Up next is magician and mentalist Derren Brown, which I am really looking forward to, even though I know they are all tricks and I don't believe in anything supernatural when it comes to psychics but I know he doesn't either I still like watching people who are under the illusions they are controlled by him.
So that is it for now, The Death Chair Chronicles are still coming together and now won't be out until next year, the story has got bigger as the original one wasn't quite working so is now much bigger with a few extra main characters.
Hopefully the next update or random chatter won't be as far away.