Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Reviewing has it's perks.......

I wrote a very good review yesterday, that went live last night (, now I don't like to blow my own but I thought it was one of my better reviews. The review if you have been very rude and not read it above is for an all female alternative band from London. The beautiful ladies of this band really liked my review, which for me is enough and they gave me a big thanks. I do give bad reviews sometimes, but I give constructive feedback. So when I give a good review and am thanked, I do think well it has nothing to do with me, it is all your work, all I had to do is sit and listen to it a few times (in this case a lot) and then stick some words on a page that make sense.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Look Into My Eyes

It is all go at the moment, the music bookings for The Vaults in Faversham are heating up with requests coming in left, right and centre. Only three more slots to fill though, so some choices need to be made.  With Hop Festival 2014 done for me, for now until the actual weekend of the festival (in theory) I thought my time would be more relaxed, who was I kidding I just seem to be more busy. My work at GIGglePics is going well, and still love working with the team over there.  More book projects hitting my mind, and now have three projects bouncing around.  The debut has been delayed due to other work but it is still coming.