Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Look Into My Eyes

It is all go at the moment, the music bookings for The Vaults in Faversham are heating up with requests coming in left, right and centre. Only three more slots to fill though, so some choices need to be made.  With Hop Festival 2014 done for me, for now until the actual weekend of the festival (in theory) I thought my time would be more relaxed, who was I kidding I just seem to be more busy. My work at GIGglePics is going well, and still love working with the team over there.  More book projects hitting my mind, and now have three projects bouncing around.  The debut has been delayed due to other work but it is still coming.

Now on to some real blogging magic.  Last weekend I went to The Marlowe theatre in Canterbury to watch the phenomenal Derren Brown.  The mind bending magician/mentalist did his last show in Canterbury on Saturday and I got my other half tickets as she is a big fan.  I on the other hand find him fasinating and funny, but not pushed either way, but I did have a very good night.
I was in the mind of I am not getting involved, I have seen two of his other shows on 4OD and know he loves getting the audience on stage, so my mind was set and within 5 minutes I was talking to him, dam it!

Without meaning to totally screw up his first mind reading trick he asked if I had any pets, so the answer was no, as the two dogs aren't actually mine but my other halves.  Phew, I thought, but what got me was the three of us who ended up still standing were all called Tom so thought all three us would end up on stage at some point, so my breath was held, but thankfully I was never called.  Another guy in front of me was determined not to get involved and was one of the first three people on stage, so no one was safe.  Derren I have decided is a very intelligent man, even though I did notice one slight of hand at one point of the show, but that was it, the rest had me speechless.  He also manged to hipnotise my girlfreind and just put her to sleep, I've been trying to do that for years!

I did try and explain the whole thing, and was doing quite well until I realised there was extra variables into account which I just couldn't explain.  If you get a chance to see this latest show, I would advise you to go, he is a very entertaining man, and his tricks are mind blowing, none of this rabbit out of a hat rubbish.

So I go back to the day job still confused and wondering how he manged it, but no matter how hard I try she just keeps talking.....sleep!