Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Reviewing has it's perks.......

I wrote a very good review yesterday, that went live last night (, now I don't like to blow my own but I thought it was one of my better reviews. The review if you have been very rude and not read it above is for an all female alternative band from London. The beautiful ladies of this band really liked my review, which for me is enough and they gave me a big thanks. I do give bad reviews sometimes, but I give constructive feedback. So when I give a good review and am thanked, I do think well it has nothing to do with me, it is all your work, all I had to do is sit and listen to it a few times (in this case a lot) and then stick some words on a page that make sense.

Now being a wordsmith of fiction (if I ever finish the thing) I do have a habit of veering off into the slight recesses of my mind which spill onto the page. And as the review does mention the Green Fairy, I think something certainly got into me, as I turned into a descriptive monster, in a good way.

So review done, posted and after this next bit I was thanked, on twitter and Facebook. The bit that I loved was the fact I got this tweet "@coombstw @GIGglepics13 wow that's some review, if you ever need personal masseuse - we're here" which was of course a joke and has been retweeted all over the place. But I would like to do an interview with these ladies if I can get the PR company to offer. Or more my boss to ask nicely to the PR company (i promise not to turn up with my own masseuse towel, all ready). I did get this afterwards "@GIGglepics13 @coombstw Thank you, it means a lot! Xxxx" So I am very humbled when a band takes the time to really thank you and appreciates what you do with your time, as I for one do them. I am a slight musician but words on paper is my way, so I am thankful I get to put smiles on bands faces (easy now) that really deserve full on praise for what they create.

Sadly, as a reviewer I do not take gifts for reviews, whether done already or not, as more music may appear one day and always want to give an honest opinion. So I will sadly say no to the personal masseuse service, but I hope to meet the ladies from The Courtesans one day and thank them for bringing such great music to such a normal world.