Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fat Kids......A Holiday Thought of Today!

After returning from a lovely seven day trip to Menorca, lounging in the sunshine, snorkelling in bays and eating too much food I have noticed a very bad thing happening to the English that I hadn't really thought about or noticed. Fat Kids.

                Whilst sitting around the pool, soaking in too much radiation I saw my fellow raw bacons coming to the poolside to crisp themselves up and that is when I saw them, not that you could miss them.  The invasion of the fat kid came and the earth shook with the strain (it didn't but I am trying to be dramatic) making me wonder if that was it, I was a goner!

Thankfully I survived the stampede of small balls of flab charging to clear the water out the pool, they were probably quite warm.  They all splashed in the pool and had a look of baby seals cooling off in the summer heat.  The parents were not all stick thin, some had some weight issues themselves, but would you want to pass this on to your children? Maybe, but should you? Hell no.  As I watched one family slowly go red, then purple, I also noticed the kids eating habits (I people watch, okay).  After lunch they then drank a pint of coke, followed by a snack of Quavers followed by more coke, I am talking drink here, they weren't small fat Tony Montana’s or anything.

It made me feel really bad for the children, they are going to get bullied, and one small round tub was becoming the bully himself due to the fact he was older (slightly) and much bigger than his much slimmer brother and the other less overweight children.  I noticed this kid more because his name was regularly being called out across the heads of everyone in the pool for being a nuisance.  He was one of the smaller fat kids on the holiday, one kid, I’d say he was twelve or thirteen had an actual overhang on his stomach, this is just unacceptable.  If I had a huge stomach then that is my choice, I choose the food I eat and now I am an adult in the laws eyes I can eat what I like, but as a kid I wasn't allowed all this junk that the kids eat now.  I am not telling people who to parent, I have no kids so I can’t but I am also conscience on health and I am working on getting more healthy but when I see these kids, from five onwards I just feel sad that these kids are being allowed to get these obese sizes.

I had a lovely holiday even when squished in the pool with these larger than life small people, and I had managed to keep out the way of the fork as chips were shovelled in to the waiting mouths (could happen, like the “I don’t think this is cave” scene from Star Wars).  I never think children should be overweight like this, it is bad for them in every way and unlike their parents they do not know any better, and do not understand the strain they are putting on themselves.  It is a sad state of affairs that this is how society is, that it seems to be the norm for many people to be obese no matter what their age.
For some info on children obesity, take a look here http://www.weightconcern.org.uk/node/6