Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Sad State of Social Media Trolls

I’ve written about trolls before, not the ones hiding under bridges I mean internet trolls, but things have just got out of hand.  The trolls aren’t really just trolls anymore; they are just vile idiots who are using the internet to spread their hate of the world, or more likely the hate of themselves.  But it is not dark hidden corners that these trolls live, social media is being overrun with the pesky critters.
In the last month all I have read about is invasions of privacy, tweets full of hatred towards individuals and groups and it just keeps on going.  Also random sites have become known across the globe.  Before all this shit started I had never heard of 4Chan, maybe I am not cool enough or I am not a sad pathetic wanker who needs to spread hate and online rape.  Firstly the main thing that hit the headlines was nude photos of famous people, and mostly of the actress Jennifer Lawrence.  OMG a naked girl!! Oh my god, you sad people, get a life and maybe you’ll actually see a naked women in the flesh rather than destroying someone’s privacy.  I have seen some awful comments about the actress, how she is dirty and lots of other bollocks, now hear this you sad c*nts, people have fun when with partners, probably even your mum took some cheeky pictures back in the day, or maybe she still does, would you like it if this happened to her, probably not.  This is not clever or right it is an invasion of privacy but more importantly it is online rape, simple really.  The pictures of these women were for private use, if they wanted people to see them they would have posted them up somewhere themselves.  Now fair, it is a bit stupid to let photos of this nature end up on a cloud service as these just aren’t as safe as people think and also on phones. We all know that phones are very easily hack-able (seen this on TV and took about one minute to copy everything off a phone).  So if you’re hunting for these photos, yes you, then get a life mate and leave your house of tissues and talk to people.

Now a big campaign of hatred has appeared against Emma Watson, the actress from Harry Potter and Noah made an amazing speech regarding gender equality under the #HeforShe tag.  And of course twitter and other so called social media outlets started filling with vile hatred, what a surprise.  A site showed that the actress was dead with the hastag #RIPEmmaWatson, why? Why would you even spend time to do this, oh that’s why, because you are a pathetic little shit head who spends more time masturbating  and trying to make people just as miserable as you than actually living your life, you know that word life, it happens in the real world.

I for one have signed up for the #HeforShe campaign and have happily put it on twitter that I have, I want the same rights as men for all woman but also my other half who will be in a year or so a paramedic which can be a bit male dominant. So would you like to threaten me with nude photos or make a website that I’m dead, trust me, the people that give a shit wouldn’t give a shit.

So back to this hatred, if you go on twitter and check out the #Heforshe hashtag then you will get the mild trolling of so called men, who believe being a real man involves being overly aggressive.  Sad I know but this is what men have had drilled into them in society and when they are not all geezers you get asked “are you some sort of gay?” now this apparent question has been asked to me, not because I am gay but because I had said I don’t really care about football.  But the best part of the question was the ‘some sort of’, now I thought being gay was just that, you are gay, but according to this questions there are sorts of gays.  Of course I just laughed and walked away as this guy and his mates carried on dragging their knuckles across the floor and swearing at the top of their voices.  Maybe I should be worried but I haven’t mentioned names, plus these guys probably can’t read so no worries that they will read my blog.

So back to my point.  The internet has become a place for dicks to write vile rubbish without giving their names away.  Mines at the top of this site and you have a twitter link over to your right, bring it on! I am happy with my words, this is why I have put my name to it, if you had any balls of your own you would shout loud and proud about your views and fly a flag for the BNP or whatever other racist sub group you are part of.  Yet you do not, you hide away in the recesses of the internet message boards and hidden behind fake pictures on a twitter profile.  But the biggest issue is, it becomes news, actual fucking news.  If all the gossip sites and new channels hadn’t said anything about the Jennifer Lawrence photos less people would know anything about them, or have heard of 4Chan, but now everyone knows about them and this bottom feeding site that all hatred that goes through it is being reported on somewhere.  Good god! What has our society turned into?  There sadly is only one solution, destroy the internet, go back to the world of face to face interaction, which in turn would destroy other media outlets for such things as the hashtag for HeforShe.org which is more important, so we will have to just ignore the rubbish that gets posted all over the internet.  And if you are a troll then please just stay in your room full of tissues, or slowly wasting your sad pathetic life away, because we don’t need or want you in the real world.

If you would like to send abuse please send it to: icouldntgiveashitaboutthehatred@getalife.com

PS: If you have just emailed this email address you have more problems than I first thought.