Monday, 20 July 2015

First Facet in Fashion (ish)

As I sit at my desk chewing copious amounts of gum and scratch the area where my nicotine patch is sitting slowly poisoning an inch square of skin on my back I have been keeping my mind occupied by thinking of what the hell I can actually wear in this weather.  You see, the weather is not hot enough for just my chinos and new loafers and it is more than occasionally raining so my usual suit jacket with jeans is a pointless waste of time.  I look like a dodgy wanker in a trench style coat and anything else I suddenly revert to my teenage self, which is not a pleasant sight, plus bombers in the rain are not the most helpful of things, I am still bloody wet.

So here it comes, the biggest innovation in keeping dry on warmer days, an invention so old that the Romans and Greeks had them, the umbrella.  Yes that thing woman carry around with them, usually so small they fit in their handbags.  It is a good thing to see a man with an umbrella, not the elder gentlemen; I am talking your new aged man, in his late twenties and early thirties whom now are not happy with getting soaked on their way to work or on to a restaurant to meet someone whether a date or friend.  When you get to certain age you realise it isn't cool or funny to look like a drowned rat, we are not at secondary school any more and we all have product of some kind in our hair even if you think you’re very manly, you probably still spend a lot of time preening yourself.  So the last thing you need is rain to destroy everything.

I have heard all the complaints, the main one being “oh they just break when it’s windy” and yes it can be a struggle, but if you buy a reasonable make of umbrella then it bends and gives more.  Plus if it is blowing a gale and the rain is coming down, just wait for it to stop raining or stay in, or just drive or pick somewhere closer to meet up.

London Underground from Mr Porter
Woman have been using the umbrella for centuries and men used to be happy using them, you don’t have to go with the small one, these are a bit odd on a man but a good one from London Undercover will set you back £60 and my suit jacket cost more, you protect your expensive phone with an expensive case so do the same with your clothes.  I have a great wooden and metal umbrella that has withstood some very strong winds and is still in one piece.  They have a good range over at so go and check them out.

As this is my first delve into the world of men’s fashions I better explain one thing then mention another.  Firstly I am not a super fashionable person, well not that much. I like what I like, I do not live in the same trainers and t-shirt with one per of jeans but I will dress how the season feels to me.  I like the classics, you can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt for casual or formal, work or play, and shoes are always better than trainers, unless of course you are at the gym, which trainers were designed for, it is in the name.  So I will only mention the fashions I like and dislike and I will occasionally discuss certain trends.  But remember this is my opinion, but if you agree or disagree then feel free to comment away.

So on to the thing to mention, it was Milan Menswear Spring/Summer ’16 recently and I thought I would look over what came out of it and what should men be wearing this summer according to the big rich designers and the people in Milan.  Cashmere is in and mostly in big loose coats. Now I
Looks like you are wearing your Dad's coat,
except you SS member at the end
don’t know about you, but I go to the gym to keep looking slim (ish) and clothes fit my shape so I look good (ish again), I don’t then want to put a drape curtain on me, sorry Stefano Pilati it just isn’t going to happen.  Fine silks and cottons in Japanese fabrics stole the show, with boxy five button jackets and something I don’t get, the translucent suit, erm, no.  I am not a fashion writer but I do like to look good, and have my own look, so even though many writers are saying these are all the ‘in’ things we hope to be wearing this summer I can say that I won’t be.  The average man about town 
shouldn't ever unless it suits their own look.  Many oriental styles seem to be in play this season, yawn, but not the nasty novelty shirts with citrus fruit but still some very wrong prints are in, sure I only owned one awful print shirt one and it was very horrible, thankfully I
What the hell is that in the middle...yuck!
can make the excuse I was in my early teens.  Still lots more loose tops came up though, I remember when everything was supposed to fit you, I am sure a lot of this is cool to wear but looks like you are wearing a tent especially if you don’t have the physique of a model, but I suppose it is better than walking around in a vest.  There was some nice fitted but boxy cuts from Ferragamo so do check them out.  Prada came back into the seventies with some wide legs on a lot of their trousers, not bad, but not that great from my eyes, and I like a flare!

That’s it for my first delve into the world of fashion and it was quite fun, and I know I am being a bit silly, but that is the point. Fashion should be fun or practical, but never serious
Blog two of this year done, so now on with my next thought, come on brain give me a hint....oh interesting........