Thursday, 23 November 2017

Winter Wear - My Two Favourites this Season

By T W Coombs esq.

With winter around the corner and the temperature suddenly dropping as it has over the last couple of weeks after a very warm October it has hit that time of year when the thicker items are needed but what is in this year with staple clothing?
Many styles stick around as they do year after year, the peacoat being one, it is back with so many different styles with textured collars being something new to add in. I personally don’t suit a peacoat the double breasted look doesn’t suit everyone.  But thankfully it does mean the staples are what everyone is wearing and you don’t have to go out and buy loads of new gear if you don’t want to.

This year I added a couple of jumpers to my wardrobe and got rid of a more worn out jumper, so a new coat for the season if you don’t already have one or that cool looking pair of boots is the way forward.  But one thing is in and may save on coat buying, it is something we have been doing for years layering.

Layering? Is that it? I hear you say and I had a very same reaction of “what, has everyone just thought sod it, people can just do what they do anyway” but the fashion world is a bit like that.  So what do I mean by layering? I mean this style of cardigan and scarf combo. Which is in this season as it was last so instead of a coat why not pop a thick knitted cardigan, with contrasting jumper underneath or a slight variance on the cardigan like a darker grey in this case or a dark blue or navy.  The look works nicely and the chunky modern scarf is a must this winter no matter your choice of tying.  Check out the scarf tying ways right here courtesy of Mr. Porter

As it is the season well in the shops it is, I also think it would be wrong not to get yourself something and if you are like me winter is a great time to do this.  So I have picked an item worth looking into this season that goes with the look above.

The mid boot, I recently got hold of a pair from Next Menswear and at only £80 this hard wearing boot is something you will have a long time (if looked after correctly).  The chunky boot this seasons is a must, with the turn up, which is not just for the Shoreditch crowd any more or random old school hippies.  So embrace the look.  The boots pictured are comfortable from the box which I was shocked about and wore them for two days for quite long town walks and my feet were with no aching. 

If you take one thing away from this blog is if you wear mid or high boots then make sure you have thick high socks that match the boot length.  This is due to your legs not being used to boot wear and may irritate.

Just click the pictures above to take you to the item.