Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Fitbit Dilemma

By T W Coombs

If like me you have moved to the sports watch tracker, this little block of plastic, electronics and sensors to measure your every step then you may now understand my dilemma.  You see, yes it is nice to have a sports watch that measures my heart beat and shows me my calories burning and how far I have run or walked, but it isn’t exactly my skeleton automatic though, is it. 

I have about thirteen watches on the last count, some cheaper than others, some basic like my Daniel Wellington, through to elegant like my Dreyfuss & Co. to flashy like by Arbutus skeleton automatic.  But now I wear one watch and have since Christmas, okay, I understand that this is only a month of wearing it but I was used to chopping and changing my watch to my mood and my situation.  And obviously what I was wearing.  Now it just sits there, the rubber behemoth.  I own the Fitbit Blaze, a neat little device that tracks my every move during the day and my sleep to some degree of accuracy.  It lets me sync the data to my phone and also shows me texts, calls and other notifications that I choose to, which I have found quite handy.  The watch is more practical than aesthetically pleasing with its square appearance and rubber strap.  Thankfully you can get difference straps and have a nice tan leather one for when working out, sleeping or at the gym.  You can also get different coloured rubber straps.  So at least there is some change, but I have had to change my thoughts on my watch addiction.

Is it the satisfaction of getting the preset ten thousand steps that makes it addictive or is it once on your wrist you feel you now must track at all times you are always aware of your calorie burn?  Maybe.  The Fitbit has a lifespan on average of three months with users and then people get bored and want a change so give up counting steps and go back to telling the time.  But I do not want to me this person, I will persevere but why can’t I sometimes where another watch? I don’t know, maybe I should, to make sure I am not a Fitbit addict soon to be fused with my rubber laden commander. 

This is the dilemma of a watch lover who now wears the Fitbit or any other sports tracking smart watch.  I love the simple life with one watch but I do look at my watch box with some longing sadness.