Monday, 26 February 2018

The Social in Social Media - The Algorithm

By T W Coombs

I had some call by others to do another copywriting blog and after much pondering and a lot of people freaking out I decided to get my head around the new Facebook Algorithm.  That nasty bit of code that even makes your most recent not your most recent. So here goes.

The word you are looking for is Social, not advert, not call to action, not “hey look at me and my business”, it is one simple word. Social.  That is what the behemoth of Facebook wants, sure you can still pay a fortune for adverts on a weekly basis, but your organic reach will slowly vanish if you don’t work on it.

Currently if you like a page and interact with the page occasionally you will see posts from that Like button you ticked some months ago. But that is about to change, and if that Liked page is yours it will soon come apparent that the reach of your post will get less and less.  You will be lucky to get 5% of your actual base. The reason for this is what FB will be looking for to allow your post to appear on your customers feeds is changing. So how do we get around this?

I go back to the word “Social”, your posts need to spark conversation, comments  and shares which are the big ones, simply the more you have of these the better they will go down with FB and more people will see your posts onward. Then likes and other interactions come at the bottom rung.  And your posts must be relevant to your page, so Fake News will be thing of the past along with Click Bait. So, you can ask a question, get your clients/customers to talk to you about you and what they want.  But you must keep that coming and the old school post and leave is not an option.  Your posts must be 100% good and social.

They did the same to links taking users away from Facebook a few years back and this is a new way of this, of giving relevant content to their users, whether they like your page, it makes no difference if your posts are deemed, well, bad and antisocial.

This will hit FB first once they iron out the kinks and get this new change live but as Instagram already has weird Feed issues it would not surprise me if a similar one gets launched for this also.

When you look at the above it seems quite simple and far less scary than initially thought, companies already have a hard time getting noticed on Social Media and it seems this is only going to get a little worse. But make Social Media social again for you and your company and this will boost you into the allowed column of that pesky new bit of code.