Tuesday, 29 January 2019

It's An Oxford Game

by T W Coombs esq.

There is something classic about a button down collar even though not actually that classic. I find them neat and tidy and look great poking out of a jumper. Thankfully the new Lad is in mostly very tight polo shirts so we are safe, plus when they are out in a white Oxford shirt make sure you dress to your style, not everyone else's.

The style I have bought from Next are the slim fit with stretch, I find that having that stretch within a material is great, from jeans, chinos to shirts, it allows them to have a bit of give without losing shape too quickly.

I am one for washing a shirt straight away, I obviously try them on first but then before any wearing I
wash, dry and iron, then you then get a non starchy garment and no packing creases.  Plus some clothes have a weird packing smell to them, normally from some plastic bag they were shipped in.

They are a nice fit for my physique, I am a medium in these to take in my 40 inch chest, you want to look like they fit not fitted, if you are in your twenties then squeeze into a smaller size but only if your body allows otherwise keep to a size that fits nicely, please.  I'm 37 and at some point you need to stop thinking you can dress younger than you are. My next blog will on this topic.

I went with classic shirt colours, white and light blue, then a black one mostly just because I haven't actually got one or have had for some time and could have done with one a couple of weeks back, sure I'll style this one some way, in the future.

These are from a new line in the collection for the season and a good addition, I was in desperate need for some new shirts after the gym has changed my shape quite a bit and these have delivered.


This is not an advert, I pay for these items and have no affiliation with Next or any agencies involved with Next