Friday, 17 May 2019

All in the Weave, The Knitted Blazer

By T W Coombs esq.

With spring here and summer creeping up on us, it is only fair to start looking at mixing up your look.  And one things I have wanted for sometime is finally in my wardrobe, the Knitted Blazer.

After seeing a nice blue tailored knitted blazer on Instagram but not willing to give over hundreds of pounds for it I went on a search.  Sadly I got nowhere until I spotted this grey heavy knit jacket when it came up on Thread as something I might like. Even though not blue I have quite a few blue jackets so this dark grey colour actually broke up my wardrobe colours nicely.

It is from label Pier One and is a cross between a cardigan and a blazer/jacket.  The heavy knit adds some great texture to the look, it can be used to dress down a shirt and shoes look with a pair of jean, but also to dress up a t-shirt look.  It is a piece that crosses two worlds but lives in none and it great. Because of the thickness it is great to add a layer in spring and I have worn it under another standard blazer and really works, but just over an outfit in a summer night when the chill comes in.

It looks a feels great but not great in cold wind due to the heavy knit style so really penetrates through, but a great addition to a wardrobe and really happy to have found it.