Friday, 30 August 2019

The Devils Kneading Trough

written by @coombstw

I have lived in Kent pretty much my entire life yet there is so much of it that I haven't seen so after @gracecmbs mentioning this place for the last three years I thought it was time we actually went there. So we packed up the hike gear into the car and headed out and in 25 minutes we had arrived.

Three Nights in Paris

written by @coombstw

Before anyone gets too excited, this is not anything to do with a sequel of the Paris Hilton porn scandal media hyped marketing campaign.  This is actually me talking about Paris, where @gracecmbs and I went for 3 nights. It was a trip of food, wine, heat, sore feet and rather shiny carbon.

Monday, 26 August 2019

The Weekly #1

Each week I will do a quick run down of what I have done from trips o achievements and such like. Welcome to the weekly. *Posted later than planned

The Long Way to Conyer

written by T W Coombs

This was my first long trek, I picked it as was close to where I live and quite flat, not much preparation was needed and could do in about six hours on a Saturday. It was also my first solo trek.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Now That Was Close

written by @coombstw

Doing my bit for the environment was my reason for the changing my razor and my this along with my skin has been a tale of not so much sweat or tears but a whole lot of blood.


written by @coombstw

The great outdoors brings a sense of wonder, fresh air, nature, being one with your terrain, not a road or car in sight.  Sadly one sight you always get is loads of rubbish, because like most of the world you were not the first person there, and the last left their mark.

Social Fatigue

written by @coombstw

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest the list is endless, but these four were my three norms, for business and personal interactions.  Sad really, but I have taken a step back. Get a coffee, sit back and let me explain how I got Social Fatigue.