Friday, 9 August 2019


written by @coombstw

The great outdoors brings a sense of wonder, fresh air, nature, being one with your terrain, not a road or car in sight.  Sadly one sight you always get is loads of rubbish, because like most of the world you were not the first person there, and the last left their mark.

It is a sad state of affairs when you head out trekking in the countryside or woods as my previous trip was and you are confronted with rubbish all over the place, bottles, food containers, all plastic and all floating around wild areas.  What is the matter with the human race that we seem to have no sense of littering.

Thanks to social media though, one of the good things to come out of the medium, is the movement started by the Adventure Bag Crew, #leaveitbetterthantyoufoundit.  Basically if you go somewhere, whether a local adventure or heading up a distant mountain why not take a bag of some kind with you, so you can pick up and rubbish found. They share so many photos and videos by lots of people from all over the place, all showing the clearing of rubbish from amazing places across the globe.

I recently went on a walk around local woods, which sadly has a picnic area within it, now myself and Grace did pick up some rubbish on the walk, but when we got to this area, it was disgusting.  There are also bins, which are pointless as wild animals will rummage through them and chuck some bits out. Why can’t we just take our rubbish back with us? I managed it and put it in my own bin.

But it seems more and more people are now picking rather than chucking, and initiatives like this are really helping. So well done to everyone.

Remember next time you are away on an adventure to pick up rather than walk past.