Monday, 26 August 2019

The Weekly #1

Each week I will do a quick run down of what I have done from trips o achievements and such like. Welcome to the weekly. *Posted later than planned


Two 7km runs this week and I managed to shave 20 seconds off my pace, it was hard work but I did it.  The training for this 10km race in September has certainly been a challenge, I am looking at winning, even though beating some friends would be an achievement but so would to finish it under an hour.  I am really enjoying the running and with my new found love of the outdoors it fits in nicely. And now I have a crazy charity idea in my head the more training the better, more on this nearer the time.

If you didn't know I recently got engaged to Grace, after 8 years together I thought it was about time so we have been to two wedding fairs. To be honest I was dreading them but the first one we were there for 45 minutes, boom! The second 10 minutes, well, 30 but 20 minutes was sitting chatting and drinking coffee. We have a little more idea on venues now Ignis just going to see the venue more than anything. We are in the early stages but looking for venues and deciding what we want, we already know what we don’t want, but keeping that to myself as one persons beautiful is another's disgusting.

Works was chaotic this week and really appreciate being able to spend some time with Grace this weekend and also seeing two of my friends I don't see as often as I'd like or should. Note to self to sort that out.

I have been going on hikes recently and really enjoying the outdoors more and more, a few weeks back I did a long trek to Conyer and back, which is on my last post, but this week Grace and I went on a hike, again in Kent, which a post will go up later this week so keep your eyes peeled for this one. We headed to the Devils Kneading Trough and did one of the longer hikes in the area, but more on this within the post, but was a lovely time with some great views.

I am sure these weekly's will grow a bit as I get used to sharing my life on here and anything you may want me to discuss just DM me on Instagram.

More next week........... *later this week also as late posting