Tuesday, 3 September 2019

The Weekly #2

written by @coombstw


Strange week really, bank holidays always throw me out of sink, and after three days in the office, I thought it was time for a reset and took Friday off to spend some time with Grace as she was working the rest of the weekend.

Friday was an awesome day, we both had a lay in, which is something I am awful at having and have become quite a morning person.  Once up and caffeinated, pancakes were on the menu for breakfast
and been a while so were a must on a random day off. We went for a stroll early afternoon to grab a bottle of wine and antipasti for lunch at one of my town favourites, Vino.

One thing about day time drinking, especially for me just makes me very sleepy, so a power hour was required.

The evening we settled down for a snack and watched Shazam, the latest DC film and I was pleasantly surprised, it had some laugh out loud parts as it balanced on serious comic book film and a complete piss take.  If you want a laugh along with some heartfelt coming-of age realisations then this is a film for you, and you like funny superhero names. Zachery Levi was great at playing a kid and is the superhero equivalent of big.

As Grace was working this weekend and I was solo hiking, and went up to Kings Wood in Challock, it is an amazing magical place and you can really get away from everything.  And to top it all off I saw a large herd of deer which made my day and week. The majestic prance as they shot through the trees it was so surreal. I will definitely walking this again, the full video will be coming in the next season of Saturday Mornings with Tom (SMWT).

And this brings me to getting another rough video done for SMWT, so the second season is coming on nicely so watch this space as will be kicking off near the end of this month.