Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Weekly #3

written by @coombstw

Not the most exciting week of my life, I have mostly spent it writing blogs and dealing with the mundane day to day workings of the 9 to 5 job which I do when not recording video or writing.

There was no hiking set in for this week either so made sure I went for a couple of runs and started back up at the gym as been very slack in the last couple of weeks and boy did I notice, everything was twice as hard as it was.

I have found my recent motivation going up and down in waves, it is the getting out and doing a run or going to the gym I am struggling with.  Once I am out or at the gym I am fine and really enjoy it, I have always struggled with this, it is all in the mind and is something you have to fight yourself for.  I do post the classic gym selfies, but truth be told I am not a natural gym person, the enthusiasm is only high at the end of a session not when I arrive.

I think a lot of people suffer from this, the peak and trough style of motivation in every part of life, I know I do.  From work to watching a TV show, my feelings towards it change constantly. Even a hobby you may love struggles to peak your interest at times, I have this with playing the guitar.  But it is becoming a way of me switching off for half an hour and just playing music. My advise, is push yourself but only for you not for any other reason.

In other news I have a new freelance client, so even after 9 months of closing my business I have taken another job, I am happy to do bits here and there as doesn’t take up all my time and give longer lead times and becomes more of a hobby, one that makes some money every now and then.  I will be doing a complete redesign of a website and I love being able to use my creative side on such a thing. From thinking of pictures and making it all modern and smooth looking and really looking forward to getting stuck in to this.

So that’s it for this week, short and sweet.