Friday, 20 September 2019

The Weekly #4

written by @coombstw

What a good week last week has been and mostly due to the weekend of events. (slightly late as should go up Tuesday but had photo issues)

First let's get the wedding update out the way, we have possibly found a venue, we are now going to have a sit down and get a quote of one and go from there.  So that is a major one and great news and feel myself relaxing already (probably prematurely).

Secondly, adulting at its finest, saved money on my mortgage as we agreed to a new deal, boom! Really getting the hang of this stuff.

What I want to mention is the weekend, and always something to take note of is that I got to spend the whole thing with Grace.

Saturday was a crazy day of find wedding venue as above then we headed off to the pre launch event for the new Macknade food hall at Elwick Place Ashford.  The weather obviously knew we would be outside and the sun was shining and I had too many layers on. Macknade along with Cene Magazine put on a great day of music, food and drink.  Meeting up with friends, we headed to the Tap Room a bar and brewery up the road to grab a pizza and an ale before heading back for some more music and sunshine and chilled out before heading home.  The acts were on form, some better than others but the event was kept nice and acoustic throughout, with cheese and cooking demonstrations and talks, which was a little different.

Sunday was an even bigger event as Grace and I headed to Hyde Park in London for the Radio 2 Festival in a Day, which has become a yearly pilgrimage it seems as this will be our third year of going.  Not the best line up, especially for me, with Simply Red (Mick annoys me), a Taylor Swift type country singer, Bananarama (only knew one song off a razor advert), West Life (still terrible and boy band like) and Pet Shop Boys (just do not like).  So as you can see music wise not the best but thankfully before West Life was Status Quo who are still going strong and put on a mash up of tracks which was great and certainly made up for the rest of the weak line up for my tastes.

Now to mention the Pet Shop Boys I feel I have to explain, they are one of these bands that were around and at their height as I grew up but the style was above my age group so I didn’t like them.  No one around me liked them or at least owned their music so even to this day they just do nothing for me. I have many so called classic must loves that I generally hate (I will do a controversial music dislikes video in SMWT season 2).  Even live and pumping, which they were, still bored me and I couldn’t work out why all these people liked it. To be fair many were leaving at this time so I wasn’t alone.

In all, a fantastic weekend of events and fun.