Welcome to the about section which I hope will introduce myself to you and to explain a bit about why this blog exists.

A little about me to kick things off may be best. I am a writer based in the Faversham Kent, down in the south east of England.  My writing started with music, I have written for two, now shut down, music review and article sites, GIGglePics Music Reviews and Genius Babble Music and my back ground in music which has always had close links with Fashion and Lifestyle made me go out on my own and brought to where I am today.  I have always been interested in journalism, fashion and lifestyle along with writing and reading articles across different mediums.

The Journal is a selection of articles and reviews which are all based around Lifestyle, with Fashion, Music, Film, Drink, Places and just plain old living in the modern world that we all do.  The site itself has changed over the years and has covered many topics.  Once a Fashion heavy blog it is now broadened to encompass much more which have followed my current passions and I am sure it will continue to organically grow as I do.

Thanks for reading my blog and please comment on any post you like.